Notifications and Collaboration Module User Security Integration when GAM is not used

Warning: If you are using GeneXus Access Management (GAM), no additional steps are necessary. This documentation is intended for developers utilizing the Notification and Collaboration module without using GAM.

When using K2BTools without GAM, or without the K2BTools GAM Integration Module you need to implement several procedures for user integration with the module. These procedures are located in K2BTools.IntegrationProcedures within the UsersData folder.

Integration procedures to implement

The procs that are needed to implement are

1. GetCommentsCandidateUsers(in: &Prefix, out:&CandidateTags);

Candidate Tags SDT

Description: This procedure receives a prefix and returns an SDT named CandidateTags containing the code and description of each mentioned user.
Purpose: It is executed when someone writes an @ symbol. As text is being typed, it suggests potential users.

2. GetUserDataFromCode(In:&UserCode, out:&NotificationUserDataSDT);

Users Data SDT

Description: Given a user code, this procedure returns a UserDataSDT with information about that user.

3. GetUsersData(In:&UserName, In:&UserNames, In:&Start, In:&Limit, out:&NotificationUserDataSDTCollection)

Description: Given a username or usernames, this procedure returns the corresponding UserDataSDT.

Purpose: It is used to implement a UserPrompt, to select the user to add in the subscripton user interface