Installing the notifications and Collaboration module

The Notifications and Collaboration module, is a module that allows the developer to create Notifications and add Collaboration to entities in the application’s model. The module contains a backend and a data model to support these features.

To install the module:

  1. In the K2BTools main menu select the command Install Notifications and Collaboration module.

    Notifications and collaboration module installation

    The module will be imported into de KB.

  2. Add the K2BMenu instance "NotificationsModuleMenu" to the application menu. A way to achive this, if your application menu is generated using the K2BMenu pattern, is to use the IncludedMenu node to add the Notifications menu.

    Notifications menu included in the application menu

  3. Build the application.

  4. Run the database reorganization.

After the build process is finished, you can access the Notifications module backend, and you are ready to create events and add collaboration features to an Entity.