Add Grid From Procedure action

The Add grid from Procedure action is equivalent to the Add Grid From Data Provider action. There are, however, a few differences in the generated code as Procedures may expose more "special" parameters than Data Providers.

Parameters processing

Most Procedures "behave" like Data providers and parameter mapping to filters, orders, output collection, columns, etc. works as described in Add Grid From Data Provider action.

Procedures generated by OpenApi import (Tools/Application integration/OpenApi import) have a slightly different behaviour. They receive connection configuration parameters and return connection messages and status beside the result set.

OpenApi import procedures are recongnized by K2BTools Add grid from procedure by their first parameter named &ServerUrlTemplatingVar. When found, the output parameter is assumed to be the third from the last parameter (instead of the last one).

If a procedure has an output (or input/output) variable named &IsSuccess the generated code:

  • Loads the grid only if the call was successful (&IsSucces is true)
  • When fails, calls the corresponding "U_SdtLoadFailed" subroutine where the developer can include code to handle the situation