K2BTools patterns

Genexus Patterns is a technology provided by GeneXus for automatic generation of GeneXus objects.

In K2BTools we have developed four GeneXus patterns:

  • K2BEntityServices: It generates the basic interfaces needed to access and manage instances of a certain entity. For more information read K2BEntityServices Pattern
  • K2BTrnForm: It generates the transaction Web Form. For more information read K2BTrnForm Pattern
  • K2BPrompt: It generates prompts automatically. For more information read K2BPrompt Pattern
  • K2BMenu: it generates code automatically to load a menu or initilize a menu structure in the database. For more information read K2BMenu Pattern

K2BEntitySercies, K2BTrnForm and K2BPrompt pattern are related to a transaction

K2BMenu pattern is created using the "New Object" dialog