Customizing your Design System

Note: this page applies to version 14.2 and later. Please read Customizing your design system object (versions 14.1 and earlier) if you are using earlier versions.

Design system objects can be used since K2BTools 13.2. Starting with K2BTools 14.2 when a K2BTools Design System is selected, two are created. The first one is the actual K2BTools Design System selected, known as the "base". The second one, known as the "custom", has the same name as the first, followed by "Custom", and inherits from the first.

Having two design systems, a "base" one and a "custom" one, easies the customization process, as the developer works on the required changes only, and makes K2BTools version migration smooth.

So, if custom UI changes are needed, add them to the custom design system, not to the base one and do not remove the import rule from the custom design system.

Design System Custom