Changing standard actions behavior

In some cases developers want to customize the standard actions (insert, update, delete, report, export).

For example, the developer may wish to override the default Report object and call a custom procedure, or the developer may wish to change the Insert action to call an interface different from the transaction.

In these cases, the developer can choose to turn off the default action and create an action node to implement it.

When doing this, the action must look like the standard action, and be placed in the same location. To implement this easily, the developer can enter the standard action's name in the "Action Name (Id)" property. The default values for the "Image", "Caption", "Position" and other properties will change to match the selected standard action's configuration in the K2BEntityServices Settings object.

The image below shows how the Update action can be overriden.

Custom Update Action

The main advantage of following this method is that changes in the pattern's settings will be taken into account when generating the object.