Application menu load process

When using the GAM integration module, a menu will be shown in the application.

The loaded menu depends on whether a main application menu is defined or not. In order to select the appropriate menu  K2BTools goes through the following steps: 

  1. If the application has a main menu defined in GAM, this menu will be loaded. For more information on how to define a menu in the GAM database follow this link
  2. If there is no main menu, but there are static menus defined by K2BMenu pattern included in the static menu list, the first menu of the list will be loaded.
  3. If none of the first two conditions apply and the K2BListPrograms  procedure returns a non-empty list, a menu showing that list and the GAM integration module main menu will be loaded.
  4. Otherwise the GAM integration module main menu will be loaded


If no menu is added or the main application menu is not shown on the master page, please make sure that K2BGetUserMenu procedure is called in the application master page. The call is included by default since K2BTools 11. If your Knowledge Base was created in previous versions of K2BTools and a user interface different than K2BOrion is used, we suggest that you update your master page, adding the call to the K2BMenu in the start event.

&MenuItems = K2BGetUserMenu()

And delete all other lines that uses the variable &MenuItems.