Generic Filters


There are many scenarios in which the user needs to quickly search for a term in serveral attributes. This frequently is the easiest way for the user to search for information, as the user simply provides the value and does not have to figure out where to look for that value. In the "Orion" design system, this filter is shown on the top-left corner above the grid.

Generic Filter in Run Time


To use a Generic Filter the basic layout being used must support having generic filters. Orion Design System basic layouts supports the generic filters. If a design system that does not support generic filters is being used read Customizing filters UI in Basic Layout objects

A property "IncludeGenericFilters" in the "Filters" node must be set to true in order for the generic filter to be generated.


Generic Filters Configuration Properties

In this type of filter, the following properties can be altered:

  • The attributes that are related to the generic filter. By default K2BTools includes all grid attributes, that are not formula, and whose data type is "Numeric", "Character", "VarChar" o "LongVarChar".
  • The condition of the generic filter. By default is based on the attributes that are related to the generic filter. The developer can change the condition.
  • The invite message of the Generic Filter.
  • Whether or not the Generic Filter is included in the Save Grid State feature.

This is configured in the Filters node.