Attribute Pills

It's sometimes good to provide "eye catchers" that let the application user interprete the information quicker and easier. For example:

  1. When confirming a sales order, the user may want to be alerted if the customer has a large outstanding debt.
    Customer debt pill

  2. When browsing the inventory, the user may want to easily identify products that are low in stock.
    Low inventory pick

  3. When booking a meeting, the user may want to be alerted if another participant is in a different time zone
    Timezone pill

Attribute pills can help in all the above situations. They can be shown next to or substitute the attribute value when a specified condition is met.

The developer specifies the desired behaviour using the following properties:

Conditional pills property vs Pill provider property

Choosing between these properties depends largely on the scenario: For quick "one-off" solutions, use the Conditional Pills property. If the amount of pills that may be shown is large and/or those pills may be shown in several places (code reuse), use the Pill Provider property.