GroupIcon Description

Group nodes can be used to create delimited regions in an interface created with K2BTools that contain semantically related data. A group can contain all the elements available as children to its parent.

Runtime appearance

The runtime appearance of this control depends entirely on the nodes it contains. The only visual caracteristic inherent to the group node is the border generated, and the fact that it holds its title on top. Referring to its contents, group controls can have very different appearances.

Below a very common example (organizing variables/attributes in a form) is shown.

Example of usage of Groups


Category Name Value
General ControlName (Id) The node's Id. Must be unique inside the web panel.
Title The string to be shown as the group's title in runtime.
Responsive Sizes Determines the layout of the items contained in this control according to the screen size of the device used in runtime. For more information, see Introduction to Responsive Web Design and Responsive Sizes Properties.
 Appearance Class The theme class to be used when rendering the control associated with this node.
Invisible Mode Contains the value for the Invisible Mode property in the control.

Child nodes

Note: The table below contains the complete set of possible children. Some nodes may not be available in all scenarios.

ActionsIcon Actions   GroupIcon Group   ColumnsIcon Columns
TabsIcon Tabs   LineSeparatorIcon LineSeparator   AttributesIcon Attributes node
WebComponentIcon WebComponent   EmbeddedPageIcon EmbeddedPage   GridIcon Grid node
FreeStyleGridIcon FreeStyleGrid   MultipleSelectionIcon Multiple Selection   UserRegionIcon UserRegion
QueryViewerNode QueryViewer   TextblockIcon Textblock   ImageNode Image
AttributeIcon Attribute   VariableIcon Variable   SDTIcon SDTVariable