Create Wizard Step Action

Adding a Wizard Step involves creating a new Web Panel, activating the WPD, and adding the variables to the WebPanel in order to take advantage of the automatic mapping between the “Wizard SDT” and those variables. Then, in the “Wizard Main Panel”, a new “Step” node must be added and the created Web Panel must be set in the “Web Component” property.
To simplify this, the “Create Wizard Step“ action can be used. Using this action a new WebPanel is created, initialized and set as a Step in the “Wizard Main Panel”. The inferred step may not suit all needs, but is a good starting point that the developer can customize later to suit its particular requirements.

This action is available in both the “Wizard” node and the “Steps” node.

  1. Go to the Wizard node or the Steps node and run the action Create Wizard Step.
    Running the "Create Wizard Step" action

  2. If no “Wizard SDT” is assigned to the WebPanel the following dialog will appear. If the SDT exist in the KB use the Select SDT button. If not, define the SDT and then run the action again.
    Wizard SDT not assigned

  3. A dialog will appear to select the name of the WebPanel that implements the Step.
    Selecting Step Name

  4. After naming the step, the “Wizard SDT” fields which are going to be used by the step can be selected. Also, the purpose of the step can be declared: if it is an data entry step or the step is only to display information
    Select SDT fields

  5. After that, the WebPanel is created, and the fields are included in the panel. This panel can be customized to improve the UI. Note: The structure for the generated panel depends on which fields were selected in this step. See the Create Wizard Step Action section for more information.
  6. Save the newly created WebPanel, and the “Wizard Main Panel”.

You can repeat this process for each step that needs to be added to the Wizard.

WebPanelDesigner inference

WPD will try to initialize the WebPanel following these guidelines:

To ilustrate the guidelines the following Wizard SDT will be used.

  • If the purpose is to show fields, the WebPanel will be created with an Attributes node, Grid (WPD) node or FreeStyleGrid node based on the "Wizard SDT".
  • When the purpose is to edit fields
    • If the fields selected are from different SDT levels, the WebPanel will be created with a Grid Based On the SDT. Only selected fields will be included in the WebPanel.
      WizardSelectSDTFieldsDifferentLevel WizardSelectSDTFieldsDifferentLevelGenerated
      Select SDT fields from different levels WPD initialization

    • If the fields selected are all from the first level, and all fields are based on an attribute or domain, then a WPD with a variable for each field is created. Each variable will be based on the attribute or domain that is based the corresponding field.
      WizardSelectSDTFieldsSameLevel WizardSelectSDTFieldsSameLevelGenerated
      SDT fields selected from the same level WPD initialization

    • If the fields selected are all from a collection level, and are based on attributes which are the PK of a table, a Grid with base table containing the attributes is created. Also if the transaction related to the table has a description attribute or image attribute, these fields are added to the Grid. The “Force Row Selection” of the grid will be to true, in order to allow the selection in the grid.
      WizardSelectSDTCollectionLevelId WizardSelectSDTCollectionLevelIdGenerated
      Only the "Product" PK is selected from a collection level WPD initialization

    • If the fields selected are all from a collection level, and all are based on an attribute or domain and there is a base table that contains all the attributes in which the selected fields are based on, then a Grid with base table, with this attributes and the property “ForceRowSelection” set to true is created.
      WizardSelectSDTFieldsCollectionLevel WizardSelectSDTFieldsCollectionLevelGenerated
      All selected fields are from a collection level. WPD initialization

    • Otherwise an an Attributes node, Grid (WPD) node or FreeStyleGrid node based on the "Wizard SDT".